Never Pay A Mortgage Payment Again With Tiny Homes

crown moulding stylesWhat are tiny houses, and how can you build your own? People all over the U.S. are deciding to live simpler lives — and lives blissfully free of mortgage payments. The alternative, these homeowners decided, was building their own homes and doing it on an extremely reasonable budget (typically less than $35,000!). What does the architect who started it all have to say, and how can you construct your own tiny home?

Architect Happily Lives In Eight Foot By Twelve Foot Tiny Home
“The Tiny Project is my attempt to live a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life, and in doing so helping to set and example and educate the community about alternative, affordable, more sustainable ways of living,” The Tiny Project director, Alek Lisefski, explains. Lisefski offers floor plans and step-by-step instructions on his website as well as a few essential words of wisdom, like advice on living with a romantic partner or roommate in a tiny house.

Want To Build Your Own Tiny Home? (Making Every Nook and Cranny Count!)
The key to building a tiny home is, somewhat predictably, to make all space count. Even so, the exact building specifications and practicalities are not what interest people who truly want to live in a tiny home. Understandably, people want to know about the reality. Is it livable? Is it possible to make such a small space feel like home? The answers to these questions is, of course, yes.

Lisefski recommends carefully considering color, texture, and loft spaces. Color is a simple way to personalize a space, according to the designer and architect. Explore texture with different wood crown moulding styles, for example. Crown moulding installation adds instant value, highlights tall fixtures (like ceilings and fireplaces), and makes rooms appear taller. Crown moulding design styles go well with efficient loft spaces, too.

Tiny homes are sweeping across the U.S. Make your tiny house homey and truly yours with different crown moulding styles, color, and unique loft spaces.

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