Make Your Home Stand Out By Getting A Little Weird

crown moulding stylesSome home designs get pretty out there. A man and home builder from Mexico, for example, may have been inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and the novel’s iconic hobbit holes. Instead of building his home under a hill, however, the man chose a huge boulder as his roof. His home is more or less circular, with a diameter of 131 feet,Business Insider explains. Here are some unique ways you can make your home stand out, without going quite as far.

Bring The Outdoors In
A growing number of homeowners are embracing the outdoors. An easy way to make your home unique is to create a seamless transition from inside to out — and vice versa. According to home design experts, there are many ways to bring the best parts of your home together. For example, visually connect indoor and outdoor areas by using the same flooring.

Pick a Color and Run With It
Another simple way to make your home original is to embrace a single color. Monochromatic homes are rare, but they can also be chic. All-white homes, for instance, are most common. Painting walls white, placing white floors, and furnishing homes with white chairs and white tables Will also reflect natural light, giving your home an open and airy feel.

Do What You Want With Crown and Cornice Moulding
Crown moulding styles do not have to be perfect 90 degree angles. Expert crown moulding is immediately distinguishable by its unique and daring design. Moulding is most commonly used near windows or to accent the space between the top of the wall and the ceiling. Homeowners can homeowners can, however, use crown moulding styles to visually expand the height or length of a room. Add something extra and unique to crown moulding design styles by choosing nontraditional materials or textures. In addition to wood, builders can also choose from plastic, pressed foam, and even paper.

Make your home uniquely you. Embrace your favorite color, create a fusion of outdoor and indoor spaces, or express yourself with creative crown moulding.

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