Are You In The Market For a Luxury Home? Here Are Just A Few Of The Options Out There

The housing market is recovering at an incredibly fast rate — with sales of existing homes easily trumping the number of homes sold just last year, in September 2013. Moreover, distressed sales, or sales of foreclosed homes, are the lowest they have been since 2008. In other words, Americans are buying more homes than ever […]

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Never Pay A Mortgage Payment Again With Tiny Homes

What are tiny houses, and how can you build your own? People all over the U.S. are deciding to live simpler lives — and lives blissfully free of mortgage payments. The alternative, these homeowners decided, was building their own homes and doing it on an extremely reasonable budget (typically less than $35,000!). What does the […]

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Make Your Home Stand Out By Getting A Little Weird

Some home designs get pretty out there. A man and home builder from Mexico, for example, may have been inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and the novel’s iconic hobbit holes. Instead of building his home under a hill, however, the man chose a huge boulder as his roof. His home is more or less circular, with […]

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